Daily Learning Log

Parents/Guardians of K-12 Students,

Making sure your child engages in learning each school day is one of the most important things you can do to help your child succeed in school and life. As we start the 2020-2021 school year a “school day” has taken on a different meaning. A school day might be at a school building for on-site learning or at your home for off-site and remote learning. No matter where the learning takes place we want to be a partner with you to support the critical task of getting your child to connect with and build relationships with the school.

The learning and attendance expectations for the 2020-2021 school year will be different than what was experienced last spring when students learned from home. The Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) has established criteria and expectations that each district must follow to document student attendance and learning. These expectations align with the Kansas Compulsory Attendance Laws that govern the number of hours a student must be in school. By working in collaboration with you to document your student’s at home learning we will be able to meet both the KSDE and compulsory attendance requirements.

Whenever your student is learning in our building, attendance will be taken by the teacher. If your student must be absent, notify the school following the procedures posted on the website or in the student handbook. These procedures are similar to previous years.

What is different for this school year is the requirement to “take attendance” for your student when learning is taking place at home. Attendance for off-site and remote learning will be recorded by submitting a completed Daily Learning Log in Skyward. The log can be accessed with your Skyward username and password. The log should have a total of 385 minutes of learning activity time each day to equal a “school day” of attendance.

There will be a learning curve as you start to use the Daily Learning Log, but we believe it will become part of the process you use to talk with your student about the learning goals and assignments of the day. You will be able to submit the form from any device that allows you to access Skyward including your student’s Chromebook. Documents will be provided to you electronically and made available on our website with instructions to complete the Daily Learning Log.

Attendance is a requirement of school no matter the location and the Daily Learning Log meets that requirement when your student is learning from home. As the year progresses, we will stay in communication to partner with you to ensure student attendance expectations are met and to support your student’s needs.


Shanna Rector

Executive Director Educational Programs


Examples of the Daily Learning Logs are below.

The Daily Learning Log will not be available in Skyward until the first day of school