Useful Links

Reading With Your Child

This is a site that will help you and your child continue to read.


Salina Emergency Food Bank

Contact the Salina Emergency Food Bank to understand how to help them or if you need to get their assistance.


Circles of the Heartland

The mission of the Circles of the Heartland is to "end poverty by building relationships and envirionments that empower families and communities to thrive".  If you are dealing with financial issues, this would be a good site to visit.

Circles of the Heartland



This is a link to CAPS (Child Advocacy & Parenting Services).  If you are in need of some family or parenting support, this would be a beneficial site to visit.


Greg Tang Math

This is a math resource for students to practice their skills.  It is also a good way for adults to understand what their students are doing in the classroom.