1. Counting Fish

2. Feed the Animals

3. Connect the Dots 1-10

4. Alphabet Falls

5. Count and Match Upper and Lowercase letters

6. Donut Game-same & different

7. Curious Geo. -HIde and Seek

8. Alphabet Match-Monster Mansion

9. Alphabet Match- Rainbow

10. Make a Pizza

11. Nature Art

13. Bubble UP Math

Curious Geo. Missing numbers (Apple Picki

1. Initial Sounds- beginning letters Initial Sounds

2. Compare and Order- Elephant Elephant

3. Pattern to Copy-necklace beads Patterns

1. Skip Counting by 10's

2. Kitten Hop- sight words

3. Guess the Number!

.Make A Match-Sight Words

2. Monkey Drive Addition

3. Museum of 10's

Make A Match-Sight Words

Museum of 10's

Balloon Pop Subtraction

Popcorn Words

Sight Birds

Build Your Wild Self

Keyboard Zoo 2

Pigs Perfect Pizza

Curious Geo. Train Adding

First to Five - Dice adding

Letter Trace

Letter sounding match Clifford

How Big is the Dinosaur?

The Big Yellow Bus-Math

Marble Mate

Reggie the Rhyming Rhino

Shapes Construction

Nina drags letters

Magical Shape Hunt

Beginning Sounds

Curious Geo. Fair Share-same as

4. The Top Bunk

Olivia Octagon-positional words

Alpha Cat

Connect the Dots-Alphabet

Keyboard Zoo

Curious Geo. hat grabbing more or less

Talk to Me Alphabet

Curious Geo.Bug Catcher- more or less

C.George Hide & Seek *
Leo Matches Letters

ABC Watermelon
Alphabet Falls
Pumpkin Boo!
Count and Match
Alphabet Bubble
Birthday Candle Counting
Alphabet Bingo
Numerical order
Count the Dots 1-10
Counting Fish
Starfall ABC's
Curious George - Counting Flowers
Matching upper and lower case
Doughnut Game-same/different
Feed the Animals